9 Day Core of Knowledge


Gentle Touch Dental Studio
Bringing orthodontic education into the 21st century with a learning pathway for a better future.

About the Event

Are you already doing some fixed orthodontics? (maybe STO)

  • Have you been doing orthodontics for a while but feel you need to refresh and update?
  • Are you frustrated at the limitations of the system you are using?
  • Do you want to be able to diagnose the malocclusion, create a problem list and from that be able to suggest possible treatment options?
  • Do you want 12 months free mentoring from a Specialist via our online forum?
  • Would you like to treatment plan your own cases on the course?
  • Do you want help with cases that are not going to plan?
  • Do you want to effectively communicate a range of treatment options to your patients including writing an individual letter of consent and taking the required medico legal records?
  • Do you need to build a learning portfolio and fully document your cases.
  • Would you like to design your own appliances using your own choice of brackets?
  • Do you want to use orthodontics to help with your restorative cases?
  • Would you like to attend regular œCatch up Weekends to review cases, ask questions and keep up to date with what’s new?
  • Do you want to become part of a community of supportive and like-minded dentists?