Jason Smithson – 2 Day Hands On


Hilton Belfast
Contemporary Ceramic Restorations: Preparation of Anterior Teeth

About the Event

This is a 2 Day Hand On Course with Jason Smithson
Dates: Friday 2nd Feb + Saturday 3rd Feb 2024


A comprehensive approach for the restoration of anterior teeth with all-ceramic veneers and crowns with both vertical and horizontal margins. The emphasis is on adhesive, minimally invasive tooth-coloured restorations: from treatment planning, through preparation, impression taking, provisionalisation and final cementation/finishing. Cutting edge, evidence based theoretical knowledge will be complemented by a live hands-on demonstration and delegate hands-on.


What you will learn:

  • Which margin, when and why? Vertical vs Horizontal Margin Design.
  • The Pillars of Adhesive Preparation Design: make your in vivo preps approach in vitro bond strengths.
  • The Concept of Ferrule (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Tissue Management for long-term periodontal health.
  • How to contour provisionals.
  • The importance of Biologic Width
  • Impression Taking (materials, trays, and techniques)
  • Conditioning of Intaglio…not all materials are equal.
  • Which cement and why…simple usable day-to-day protocols
  • Cementation and Finishing Procedures for invisible margins.
  • Preparation, planning and cementation of adhesive bridgework with lithium disilicate and zirconia.


And much, much more…….


Live Demonstration and Hands-On:

  • Preparation of an upper central and lateral incisor for a ceramic veneer and provisionalisation.
  • Preparation of an upper central incisor for a zirconia crown (vertical margins).
  • Preparation of upper lateral incisor for an all-ceramic crown (horizontal margins)
  • Preparations for adhesive bridgework (Lithium disilicate and zirconia)


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