Restorative Rationales and Quadrant Quandaries


Dunsilly Hotel
Dr Thomas Taha will speak on how to achieve beautiful functional restorations

About the Event

The importance of correct isolation, matrixing and layering protocols cannot be underestimated in daily restorative workflows. The success of adhesive dentistry requires the utmost attention to these details but in reality can make a clinicians life more complicated and more prone to failures at each stage. Therefore it is important to actually simplify these protocols and create a restorative formula that works consistently and predictably.

As clinicians we must sometimes provide immediate ‘in vivo’ problem solving as every patient presents with their own specific needs and complications, but predicting possible failures at each stage and visualising the optimum end result can help reduce a lot of unnecessary stress, time and thinking for clinicians.

The lecture will aim to cover advanced isolation in difficult daily restorative scenarios, comparisons of different restorative systems and their advantages and disadvantages. The matrixing blueprints for quadrant dentistry using anatomical layering protocols for functional, long lasting bio-conservative restorations.


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The Schedule

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Schedule 6.30-7.00pm Registration 7.00-9.00pm Presentation