The Posterior Prep Course


Hilton Hotel
The Posterior Prep Course - 2 Day Course with Jason Smithson

About the Event


Introducing a comprehensive approach for the restoration of posterior teeth with all ceramic inlays and crowns. The emphasis will be in adhesive, minimally invasive restorations: from treatment planning, through preparation, impression taking, provisionalisation and final cementation/finishing. Cutting edge, evidence based theoretical knowledge will be complemented by a strong hands on component.

Course Program

The Course programme will involve the preparation of 4 posterior teeth.


  • Upper Molar Full Cuspal Coverage Only with IDS and gingival margin elevation
  • Upper Molar Partial Coverage Only (Preserving one cusp)
  • Upper Premolar Only Prep
  • Upper Molar (Ceramic Prep)
  • Temporise Only Prep
  • Temporise full coverage prep
  • Lecture