About the IAAD.

The IAAD was set up in 1998. The objective of setting it up was to improve the level of Aesthetic dentistry in the island of Ireland. Good function and a healthy periodontium is seen as an integral part of Aesthetic dentistry. A foundation meeting was held in Dublin. It was attended by, among others, Tiernan O Brien, Paddy Crotty, Gerry Cleary, Martin Holohan etc.

It was decided that we would hold our inaugural meeting in The Berkley Court, Dublin. It was also decided that the academy would be run along the lines of the EAED, which held one annual meeting.

As with other academies there were to be two types of membership: active and associate. To attain active membership one had to present to the academy. In the first instance it was decided that a judge with an international reputation would decide on the quality of the first Irish presenters. Prof Carlo Marinello was invited as a speaker and as a judge on the first three presenters who were Tony Aherne, Tiernan O Brien, and Gerry Cleary.

All three presenters were deemed to have sufficient quality in their presentations to be accepted as active members.

Steve Cutbirth from Waco Texas also presented at our first meeting.

Meetings have been held annually in Locations throughout the country including Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork & Galway. We have been fortunate to have the highest quality of international speakers including, Ed Mclearn, Nitzan Bicacho, Stefan Paul, Ueli Grunder & Tidu Mankoo.

Tony Aherne


Tony specialised in Implant & Aesthetic Dentistry for over 25 years. He is a Former secretary treasurer of the European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and continues to be an active member. A founder of the Irish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Lectures and publishes extensively at an international level. View case samples.

Other founding members include Tiernan O’Brian,Gerry Cleary, Paddy Crotty and Martin Houlahan.

The Committee

Norman Crowe


Adam Jaffa